SCKC Paddlers on the Junior, U23, and Senior National Teams

SCKC was founded in 1969 and the junior team was started in 1987.  The junior team has produced many paddlers who have represented the United States on the Junior National Team.  See that list here.   Many of our juniors have gone on to represent the United States on the U23 and Senior National Teams and three have represented the United States at the Olympics.  In addition to our juniors, many SCKC paddlers who joined the club as adults have been members of the US National Team.

In the list below, paddlers who learned to paddle with SCKC as youths are listed first with no *; paddlers who joined SCKC as adults but competed for the USA while members of SCKC are marked with *.   Results of SCKC members who competed for Team USA before joining SCKC are marked with **.   marks the Olympics.  WCh=World Championship.  WC=World Cup.

1978 Belgrad YUG WCh --Greg Barton** (13th K4 10000m)
1979 Duisburg GER WCh --Greg Barton** (7th K4 10000m)
1982 Belgrad YUG WCh --Dave Halpern** (6th K4 10000m)
1983 Tampere FIN WCh --Greg Barton** (8th K1 10000m), Terry Kent** and Dave Halpern** (10th K4 10000m)
1984 Los Angeles -- Greg Barton** (3rd K1 1000m), Terry Kent** (4th K2 1000m), Dave Halpern** (K2 500m)
1985 Mechelen BEL WCh --Greg Barton** (6th K1 1000m, 1st K1 10000m), Terry Kent** (K2)
1986 Montreal CAN WCh --Greg Barton** (5th K1 1000m, 4th K1 10000m), Terry Kent** (12th K2 10000m)
1987 Duisburg GER WCh --Greg Barton** (1st K1 1000m and 10000m), Terry Kent** (9th K2 500m, 4th K4 1000m, 5th K4 10000m)
1988 Seoul KOR -- Greg Barton** (1st K1 1000m, 1st K2 1000m)
1990 Poznan POL WCh -- Greg Barton* (4th K1 1000m, 2nd K1 10000m), Terry Kent* (2nd K2 500m, 12th K2 10000m)
1991 Paris FRA WCh -- Dawn Marie Scherrer (K), Terry Kent* (K), Greg Barton* (3rd K1 1000m, 1st K1 10000m)
1992 Barcelona ARG -- Terry Kent* (9th K4 1000m), Greg Barton* (3rd K1 1000m, 4th K2 1000m)
1993 Copenhagen DEN WCh -- Dawn-Marie Scherrer (K), Nate Johnson (C), Terry Kent* (K), Mark Zollitch* (K)
1994 Mexico City MEX WCh -- Nate Gwynne, Nate Johnson (C), Olivia White (K), Dave Fort (C), Mark Zollitsch* (K)
1996 -
1997 Dartmouth CAN WCh -- Tamara Jenkins (K), Juraj Osusky (K), Nate Johnson (C), Jordan Malloch (C), Dave Fort (C), Kathy Colin* (K), Kate Nortje** (8th K1 200m, 9th K1 1000m)
1998 Szeged HUN WCh -- Nate Johnson (C), Dave Fort (C), Tamara Jenkins (9th K4 200m), Kathy Colin* (7th K2 200m, 9th K4 200m), Kate Nortje** (9th K1 500m, 7th K1 1000m)
1999 Milan ITA WCh -- Tamara Jenkins (K, 2nd K2 500m), Jordan Malloch (C) Nate Johnson (C), Kate Nortje** (8th K1 200m, 2nd K2 500m)
         Winnipeg CAN Pan-American Games -- Nate Johnson and Jordan Malloch (3rd C2 1000m), Tamara Jenkins and Kathy Colin* (3rd K4 500m, 2nd K2 500m)
         Gyor Marathon WCh -- John DePalma* (K)
2000 Sydney AUS -- Tamara Jenkins (K4, 12th K2 500m), Jordon Malloch (C), Nate Johnson (C), Ruth Nortje** (7th K1 500m)
         Dartmouth CAN Marathon WCh -- Greg Barton* (9th K1)
2001 Poznan POL WCh -- Nate Johnson (C), Jordan Malloch (C), Leanne Wood, Ruth Nortje* & Kathy Colin* (8th K2 500m, 4th K2 1000m), Dave Fort (team coach)
2002 Sevilla ESP WCh -- Jordan Malloch (C), Nate Johnson (C), Ruth Nortje* & Kathy Colin* (7th K2 500m, 6th K2 1000m)
         Zamora ESP Marathon WCh -- John DePalma* (K1)
2003 Gainsville USA WCh -- Jordan Malloch (C), Nate Johnson (C), Ruth Nortje* (4th K1 500m), Kathy Colin* (9th K1 1000m)  Ruth Nortje* and Kathy Colin* (8th K2 500m)
         Santo Domingo DOM Pan-American Games -- Ruth Nortje* and Kathy Colin* (1st K2 500m, 2nd K4 500m), Ruth Nortje* (1st K1 500m)
2004 Athens GRE -- Jordan Malloch (C), Nate Johnson (C), Ruth Nortje* (7th K1 500m), Kathy Colin* (K)
         Bergen NOR Marathon WCh -- John DePalma* (K2)
2005 Zagreb CRO WCh -- Jordan Malloch (C), Lauren Austin (K)
         Perth AUS Marathon WCh -- John DePalma* (K2)
         Quebec CAN Pan-American Champs -- Lauren Austin (3rd K2 1000m)
2006 Szeged HUN WCh -- Lauren Austin (K)
         Tremolat FRA Marathon WCh -- John DePalma* (K2)
2007 Duisburg GER WCh -- Jordan Malloch (C)
         BRA Pan-American Ch -- Lauren Austin (K)
2009 Gaia POR Marathon WCh -- John DePalma* (K1)
2010 Posnan POL WCh -- Amina Saleh (C)
         Mexico City MEX Pan-American Games -- Amina Saleh (C)
2011 Szeged HUN WCh -- Vadim Kin* (Para 7th K1 200m)
         Singapore SIN Marathon WCh -- John DePalma* (K1)
2012 Rome ITA Marathon WCh -- John DePalma* (K1)         
2013 Duisburg GER WCh -- Vadim Kin* (Para 6th V1 200m)
2014 Szeged HUN U23 WCh -- Mia Overton (K, OKC as U23)
         Oklahoma City U23 Marathon WCh - Zach Guay (C1 Jr Pan-Am Champion)
2015 Szeged HUN U23 Marathon WCh -- Zach Guay (C, OKC as U23)
         Toronto CAN Pan-American Games -- Lydia Keefe Sampson (7th 200m C1)
2016 Duisburg GER WC1, Racice CZE WC2 -- Lydia Keefe Sampson (C), Vadim Kin* (Para 5th VL1 200m)
2018 Plovdiv BLG U23 WCh -- Nate Errez (K, SDCKT as U23), Miles Cross-Whiter (K1, Final C 200m)
         Dartmouth CAN Pan-American Champs -- Nate Errez (K4, SDCKT as U23), Miles Cross-Whiter (K2, 4th K2 500m)
2019 Szeged HUN WCh -- Nate Errez (K4, SDCKT as U23), Miles Cross-Whiter (K2, 1st Final B 500m), Lydia Keefe Sampson (C2), Nevin Harrison (1st C1 200m, C2; Gig as U18), Vadim Kin* (Para VL1 200m)
         Lima PER Pan-American Games -- Nevin Harrison (1st C1 200m; Gig as U18), Nate Errez (K4, SDCKT as U23)





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