SCKC coaches have some recommendations for ways to workout at home:

  1. Canoe/Kayak Training Program in pdf form. This week try:

    Monday: 3 sets of 3*(5' running, 30'' walk) with 5' rest between sets
    Tuesday: 2 * 5km at the fastest pace you can sustain the whole way! 10 minute rest.
    Wednesday: 3 sets of pyramid(2', 3', 4', 5', 4', 3', 2'), 30' rest between pieces, 5' between sets Thursday: Rest
    Friday: 10 * 1km , 2 minute rest. Zone 3 pace.
    Saturday: 2 * 5 minutes, 2* 3 minutes, 4 * 1 minute. 5 minutes between each piece. All out!
  2. MONDAY: McFit Method  -This is a super fun and fast workout that you can do as a warm-up, or do it twice as a workout! It will take about 7 minutes. If you can't do double-unders yet, replace them with twice as many regular jump rope jumps. For an extra challenge, or if you don't have a jump rope, replace them with burpees.

  3. WEDNESDAY: Mini Murph: CrossFit workout for beginners -This video shows you how to do a scaled-down version of Murph, a crossfit workout with running, push ups, air squats, and pull ups. This version is shorter than the original Murph and is a great introduction to crossfit! It also shows a great alternative to doing pull-ups if you don't have a pull-up bar.

  4. THURSDAY: Breaking Muscle Your shoulders and back are incredibly important for paddling! This workout shows you how to exercise and strengthen them without any equipment.

  5. FRIDAY: Fitness Blender --This is a fantastic full-body core workout (30 minutes). The video includes warm up and warm down (+ stretching) and has modifications of each exercise for every ability level. Master the basics and then challenge yourself!

  6. SATURDAY: HASfit - -Another great 30 min. upper-body workout to strengthen your shoulders and back. You can follow along with the athletes in the video (choose which version of each exercise you do based on your ability).

  7. SUNDAY: Fitness Blender-50 minute (including warm up/down) glute- and hamstring-focused workout. If you want an added challenge but don't have dumbbells, you can fill up a bag with books and hold onto it for extra weight.

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