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The following summarizes the schedule, and below you will find links to the detailed camp schedule from 2016. 2017 will be similar, though coaches are somewhat different, and the Eric Hughes race will be held Sunday morning not Saturday morning..


There will be food available from 8:00am to the end of the day. We will have breakfast/snack foods (yogurt, fruit, granola bars, muffins, etc.) all day. We will serve lunch and have snacks available til the end of the day. The pizza party is on Saturday. Campers need to get dinner on their own on Thursday and Friday.

Details on the schedule and course material

The schedule follows the format for previous years and includes sessions and lectures on technique, strategy, training, and goal setting. Note the coach assignments will be updated once the 2km is done and training groups are formed.

Link to google speadsheet of the schedule from 2016:
Click to see detailed schedule
Each day has a separate tab